Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Who is it for?Therapy5

Solution Focused Therapy is thought to help individuals, couples, families and children with a number of emotional and psychological problems.

How It Works?

Solution Focused Therapy is a time-limited approach that focuses on finding solutions to current problems. Therapists help people to identify and utilise their strengths in order to build solutions with a rigorous focus on what can be achieved and not on what can’t.

A Recent Testimonial

“My husband and I tried a number of counsellors in Fulham before we found The British CBT & Counselling Service.  It was such a different experience to the ones we had had before and this time it actually seems to have worked!  I would recommend that if you are struggling in your relationship you should try them”.
Polly - Fulham

What Does the Research Say?

Research suggests that Solution Focused Therapy is effective for a range of psychological problems and is a sustainable approach for individuals after treatment. In addition, specific studies have revealed support for solution focused group therapy programmes in tackling, for example, parenting issues, couple’s problems and anger difficulties.

Further Reading

For more information, see The Counselling Directory – Solution Focused Therapy

Recommended Books:

Solution Focused Brief Therapy by Harvey Ratner, Evan George & Chris Iveson


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