Play Therapy

Play Therapy


Who is it for?

Play Therapy can help children with a number of emotional and psychological problems including, Abuse, Anxiety, Behavioural Problems, Bereavement, Phobias, Sleep Problems, Stress, and Trauma.

How It Works?

Young children frequently express themselves through play, and often this manifests creatively through drawing, storytelling, music or movement.  Therapists use play as a tool to bring about a better understanding of the child’s inner experiences and to help young children make sense of difficult emotions, feelings and behaviours.  Play is not only used to communicate; it is also used to support a treatment plan centred on growth and development.

A Recent Testimonial

“I went to The British CBT & Counselling Service in Nottingham to get help for my daughter who was struggling with anxiety. The psychologist we saw was fantastic and quickly gained my daughter’s confidence and taught her strategies to manage her worries. We also did some work as a family and with the school which helped me to continue supporting my daughter after the treatment was finished. All very helpful. Thank you”.
Anna - Nottingham

What Does the Research Say?

There exists a substantial evidence base pertaining to the effectiveness of play therapy in treating children with emotional, behavioural and mental health problems.  Additionally, research shows the inclusion of parents/carers during play therapy produces the most significant positive results.

Further Reading

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Recommended Books:

Play Therapy by Virginia Axline


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