Anxiety Test

I find that I make careless mistakes in work, in school, or in other activities; or I have trouble paying attention to details
Question 1
I tend to fidget with my hands or feet, or I squirm in my seat.
Question 2
I often miss what is being said to me in conversations.
Question 3
I prefer to run about or climb on things, even when I know it doesn’t fit the situation.
Question 4
I find it difficult to organize my tasks and activities.
Question 5
I am often “on the go”.
Question 6
I tend to lose things that I need for school or work.
Question 7
I can’t help but give the answer before someone has finished asking me a question.
Question 8
I am forgetful during my daily activities.
Question 9
I find it difficult to keep my attention on what I am doing, whether working or playing.
Question 10
I find it hard to stay sitting, even when I know I am expected to.
Question 11
I find it hard to follow through on instructions or finish chores or duties, even though I understand what is
Question 12
I find it hard to engage in play or liesure activities that are quiet.
Question 13
I don’t like having to make a sustained mental effort.
Question 14
I tend to talk excessively.
Question 15
I am easily distracted.
Question 16
I have trouble waiting my turn.
Question 17
I often interrupt others.
Question 18
I experience problems related to some of the above in more than one context — i.e., I experience problems more than just at home, or more than just at work.
Question 19
The kinds of problems I experience due to these experiences get to be pretty serious in my social life, my academic work, or my job.
Question 20

To maximise your test results, answer truthfully and consider how you’ve been feeling over the last few months. Our test is a helpful guide to see if you’re showing signs of an anxiety disorder. Remember though that, it does not constitute an accurate self-diagnosis or assessment and shouldn’t be the foundation of a treatment plan.

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