Dr Faidra Grammenou

Phedre Grammenos

CPsychol, MSc, PG Dip

Chartered Counselling Psychologist
Works With Ages 18 and over


I believe that therapy should enable the creation of a safe space in order to facilitate one’s therapeutic journey. People often seek therapy when feeling stuck in some aspect of life and this can sometimes make one feel very vulnerable, evoking all kinds of difficult emotions like shame, fear, anger and more. I will help you understand such feelings and the obstacles in your path in a warm, supportive non judgmental way. At the same time I will help you recognize and reinforce your existing strengths so that you can make the best use of therapy and allow your creative self to flourish in all aspects of life. I believe that no matter how difficult it seems, it is possible to transcend limitations and make important and beautiful transformative changes “just like the flying fish that jumps out of the sea and the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly” (Kazantzakis).


I have many years of experience in working with CBT, CAT, psychodynamic and contemporary relational psychotherapeutic approaches. In addition to my clinical experience I also have experience of teaching and supervising psychotherapy trainees.

I offer short and long term therapy in both Greek and English. I tailor my approach drawing on different therapeutic approaches to meet the client’s unique needs. A collaborative approach actively involving the client in order to develop a unique treatment plan is of primary importance in the way I work and I am very sensitive in tracking the development of the therapeutic process and making adjustments when needed.


I am a Counselling Psychologist and my clinical experience spans more than 15 years and two countries. I have worked for many years in the NHS and in various UK and Greek clinics/charities with clients with various difficulties ranging from depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship difficulties, personality disorders and bereavement.

Continuing professional development and expanding and deepening my knowledge and clinical experience on various therapeutic approaches is extremely important for me. In addition to my rich training as a Counselling Psychologist, I recently studied in a four year program for psychoanalytic studies in the USA. Moreover, I am a member of IARPP( International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy) and I have participated as a speaker in various of their international conferences which has significantly contributed to my development as a practitioner.

About me

In addition to Psychotherapy I love music composition. Music has always been a big part of my life especially in recent years. I feel that in conjunction with psychotherapy, art and all types of creativity in general can enable one to channel, express and discover parts of the self that might not be easily accessible in other ways. In addition to my love of working with a wide range of client groups I am also particularly interested in working with clients who would like to find ways to tune into their creativity and artists with all types of difficulties.

Recent Testimonials

“Therapy has improved my life in a big way. It has enabled me to think and act positively, and cope with every day stress and anxiety. As a direct result of the tools I have gained, I am a much happier person. I cannot recommend Dr Gray highly enough, and would encourage anyone who is struggling to give therapy a go”.

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