Olga Konstantinidou

Olga Konstantinidou

ClinPsych, MSc

Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Works With All Age Groups


‘The most important relationship we can all have is the one you have with yourself, the most important journey you can take is one of self- discovery. To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself, you must not be afraid to be alone; knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ Aristotle.

Aristotle is one of the most important Greek philosophers who pioneered regarding psychology as a part of natural philosophy, and he wrote much about the philosophy of mind. He wrote about the existence of the human soul and the importance of maintaining its essence in 350 B.C and so many years after his writings we are still using his words in our everyday life.

Through the time of darkness and crisis, we do consider ourselves as completely lost. Usually having high expectations or any type of attachment is the root of our suffering. People, relationships, personal qualities and beliefs come under doubt and are being challenged. All the building blocks of who we are and what consists of our narrative of life get into confusion.  Being or feeling along during that moment of emotional and psychological chaos is a common and humane experience. Loss is a part of this chaos and could be an anchor point of regeneration through the journey of self- discovery and the healing process.  This is the magic moment to pause your life for a while and take a deep breath, to delve into the depth of your difficult, unknown and hidden paths. Growth is not a linear process and usually comes through difficulties and personal crisis.

Therapy on the other hand is this path, is this self- discovery- journey where you can ask for guidance, help, support, tools and strategies, but you have to walk this path on your own. I can support you through this journey of personal exploration and crisis management, working with you as a team, building up your strengths and embracing your weaknesses, challenging the unhelpful patterns and improving your relationship with yourself and others. I can walk with you, but I will not walk this path for you. By the end of this journey you will gain wisdom of growth and self- awareness. Having built the most important relationship, the one with yourself, now you will be ready to embrace and enable others into the story of your life.

In our time together I offer an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in a non-judgmental, accepting and safe space. In the sessions I encourage you to talk through your concerns. Through listening, showing empathy and understanding, as well as inviting you to see things differently, I aim to support your potential and provide a confidential place for you to explore new ways of being.


The therapeutic space I provide allows you to feel comfortable and safe enough to share your feelings and your worries. A non judgmental, confidential space, where you can reflect and find the support you are looking for.

I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. However, I generally tend to use a number of different modalities to inform my assessment and treatment approach.

I utilize, combine and adapt them based on the individual client. Therapy is a person- centered and individualized process and comprises discussion and self reflection along with practical strategies/ techniques to alleviate the emotional pain and to eliminate the obstacles in order to achieve our goals. Enhancing the quality of your life and modulate a balance between acceptance and change in your life is one of the major priorities.


I have been practicing psychology and psychotherapy for the past 6 years. I have a breadth of experience working with a range of mental difficulties and therapeutic approaches; I have the ability to work positively and therapeutically with a wide range of clients from different age groups to achieve excellent results. I have been passionate about psychology ever since I entered this field and I do believe in its detrimental power and impact on every aspect of life. The belief that we are more than a moment of darkness/ turbulence/ difficulty/ and that more than the existing and sometimes restricting and suffocating story of ourselves, I do get excited about supporting people to discover new options, opportunities and alternative  ways to go through life, building new stories, opening new ‘doors’ and experiencing the awaking power of therapy. Being able to rediscover or re-narrate your own ‘blueprint’ is a great power and experience that drives people towards change, acceptance and wisdom. And I do cherish being able to engage in that process.

About me

I love travelling, road trips with good music, watching movies and losing myself into the pages of a brilliant book. I love a four footed companion walking next to me whilst I’m enjoying my long walks close to the river.  I also love anything retro… old cameras, typewriters, the smell of the books. I’m living my life through quotes and I believe the essence of life is hidden in the ability of enjoying every single moment. So Carpe Diem!!

Recent Testimonials

“Therapy has improved my life in a big way. It has enabled me to think and act positively, and cope with every day stress and anxiety. As a direct result of the tools I have gained, I am a much happier person. I cannot recommend Dr Gray highly enough, and would encourage anyone who is struggling to give therapy a go”.

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