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“And how is it but fragments of your own self you would discard that you may become free?” Khalil Gibran
As we struggle with our emotions and feelings, while processing them the best way we can, it often becomes the source of constant overthinking. With time, we cuddle in our cozier and soothing comfort zone, a comfort zone that in fact, is draining us of our energy, drive, dreams. I believe that we need to take care of ourselves in a proper and effective way to heal our possible traumas or pain and get over any block that is stopping us from living a fulfilling life, a life on our terms! We are so focused on showing others how deeply we care for them and expecting them to give us back this love that we tend to forget that the most precious and life-changing kind of love is self-love. To me, whatever is the challenge or issue you are confronted to, self-love is the first step you need to make in order to achieve this transformation and healing process.


I call it ‘The Winner Mix’, with a tailored blend of psychology theory, psychoanalysis, CBT and other short therapies like psychodrama and music therapy. I may elect to adopt a coaching approach, depending on the individual patient’s struggles, mental blocks and goals, and use my experienced ‘shrink’s ear’ without necessarily requiring clients to go back and relive their worst traumas. This enables me to quickly pinpoint precise questions that need to be answered in order to unlock self-confidence and deal with any traumas that are affecting my patients, and to identify and use a much wider range of tools and techniques to help them with their issues.


However challenging it is to work in that field, my job is my true passion and what makes it so amazing is the opportunity to witness inner wounds healing into beautiful scars, enabling the transformation I help create in my patients’ lives.

About me

I love fashion, Netflix binges, reggae… and I’m a foodie! I am fluent in English, French and Arabic, and have had the chance to live in different places of the world. This allowed me to discover different cultures, widened my horizon and made me a better person.

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