Dr Michelle Jabre

Michelle Jabre

CPsychol, M. Psych , BA(Hons)

Clinical Psychologist – Addiction Specialist

Works With All Age Groups


“And how is it but fragments of your own self you would discard that you may become free?”
I believe psychotherapy is about helping people to access self-knowledge, to access freedom.
I believe psychotherapy is about promoting healing emotional burdens, about increasing resilience, about treating trauma not only after it has struck us, but also if it has become an ongoing part of our life.
I believe that happiness is our ultimate goal, and that we must get over any block that is stopping us from leading a fulfilling life, a life on our terms!


I call it ‘The Winner Mix’, with a tailored blend of psychology theory, psychoanalysis, CBT, focusing on my patients thought processes, and past events influences.
I also hold a certification in addiction rehabilitation therapy such as substance and alcohol abuse, as well as behavioral addictions (gambling, eating disorders…) that allows me to provide necessary treatment.
Throughout my career as school counsellor and then after establishing my private practice ten years ago, I have had the opportunity to work with a wild range of cases, ages and fields (teenagers, adults and couples…). This experience helps me identify and use a much wider range of tools and techniques to support them with their issues


Becoming a psychotherapist was for me the opportunity to witness inner wounds heal into beautiful scars. It was also my way to provide adequate support to minorities as well as the LGBTQA+ community.

About me

I am fluent in English, French and Arabic as I have had the chance to live in different places of the world. This allowed me to discover different cultures, widened my horizon and to develop a high level of tolerance. Also, I love fashion, Netflix binges, reggae… and I’m a foodie!

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The British Psychological Society

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