Dr Joseph Poullis

Dr Joseph Poullis


Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Works With All Ages 14 and above


As human beings, we have a fantastic capacity to get ourselves lost in thoughts and feelings and disconnect from our values and goals. I do not have a one-size-fits to all the answers that you might be struggling with within your life. I view therapy as a collaborative process in encouraging my clients to ask how they can learn to know themselves by breaking the old habit that keeps them dissatisfied and stuck. I respect human individuality and each person’s unique identity, purpose, and ability to make decisions, take responsibility, and become free to be the person you decide to be. I encourage my clients to answer life and find their own unique meaning in life. I strongly focus on therapeutic alliance and connecting the mind and body to restore psychological flexibility, resilience, and balance. My focus areas include working with individuals experiencing trauma, phobias, adjustment disorders, major life transitions, career or employment difficulties, anxiety and mood disorders, self-esteem, sexual identity issues, depression, relationship difficulties, addictions, and grief.


I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist registered with the UK’s health regulator and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society. I am highly active in emotional intelligence research and practice an integrative approach to treatment, including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Analytic, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to facilitate a positive psychological change.

We will work together to connect with your values, purpose, actions, and new experiences. Experience enriches the brain and, for that reason, it makes the new learning to knowledge and wisdom.

I am committed to improving the lives of my clients and encouraging them to lead authentic lives while striving to reach their full potential.


Have you ever wondered why you can feel entirely convinced one day that existing habits are something that has become toxic in your life? Yet, the next day, or even the next hour, you can find yourself coming up with reasons why it might be okay to stay with no change or wait a bit longer? This shift in motivation is something that people experience when they’re trying to make all sorts of life changes, whether it’s trying to eliminate a behaviour that is not good for them. What has to happen inside of our minds to motivate us to change behaviours that have been learning habits for a very long time? I believe that anxiety can be a force for change throughout your awakening mind. It’s essential to consider what needs to change and what stops you from changing it by connecting to your awakening angst, values, and purpose in your life. Your motivation for any change is pivotal as it involves thinking about, planning, starting, and sustaining behaviour changes. No matter where you are in the cycle, you can move back and forth between the choices to move towards your meaningful values, and every person moves through the stages and changes at a different pace.

About me

I am involved in clinical work, teaching, and research, and I specialise in providing individual therapy based on my 20 years of experience as a counselling psychologist.  I hold a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, a post-MA Diploma, an MA in Counselling Psychology, and four further degrees, two of which are at master’s level in Psychology of Education Existential psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology.

I believe psychotherapy requires an interdisciplinary approach that examines the interconnection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. While I predominantly utilize Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), I am also competent in existential therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment therapy with other cognitive and behavioural treatment approaches.

My family and I enjoy spending time with friends, dogs, hiking, sailing, renovating our home, dining with friends, and traveling.

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We can help anyone experiencing all types of mental health problems including addiction, anxiety, bereavement, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, relationship problems, stress and other distressing emotional problems.

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