Shakiba Azizi - Assistant Clinical Psychologist

Shakiba Azizi

Shakiba Azizi

Psychology MSc, First Class Distinction

Assistant Clinical Psychologist


Most people experience some form of mental illness or psychological issue at some point in their lives. These issues, when not dealt with correctly can be debilitating and destructive and severely impact the quality of the sufferer’s life. I believe that with the right approach a clinical psychologist can be incredibly effective at managing and enabling the patient to manage, the illness. I believe everyone deserves the help and guidance such as that provided by psychologists to maintain a good quality of life.


I am currently striving to expand on my knowledge of Clinical Psychology in order to ensure the best possible approach. I plan to develop into a Immensely knowledgeable Psychologist following extensive training and experience and I hope to continue to improve even after qualifying. I have previous practise as a Psychology Research Assistant as well as having studied research methods during my time studying. I have good knowledge and have practical experience of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including EEG, Thematic Analysis, Discourse Analysis and SPSS. I also have experience working at the Nottingham Women’s Centre on a mental health project which enabled me to work with women with varying mental health issues. The combination of this, my knowledge and experience of working with service users has shaped my approach to psychology by reflecting on both the reality of dealing with mental health issues as well as the academic approach to understanding those issues.


Clinical psychology has always been an area of great interest for me; I am motivated by my need to help others as well as my intrigue by human behaviour and particularly severe mental illnesses and the circumstances both scientific and environmental which potentially create them.

My education and work experience has been the main motivator to pursue a career in Psychology, particularly as a Clinical Psychologist.

About Me

In my spare time I love to read particularly science fiction as well as write poetry which always helps to keep me stress-free. I spend a lot of time painting and I enjoy keeping active by going for runs or a yoga session. I also enjoy socialising with family and friends especially by playing old board games.

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