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We offer a wide range of bespoke Medical Legal Services to aid Public and Private law proceedings, school and university evaluations and work-based disputes and reviews. We now also specialise in Fare Evasion Reports.


These videos cover all those problems that we have a name for like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship problems & low self-esteem, but also those problems that you can’t quite put your finger on but that leave you feeling a bit low, worried or just a bit dissatisfied with life.

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"My therapist has helped me immensely with the issues I came to her with and not just superficially; I really feel that we are getting to the root of my problems and slowly, gently and safely we are working though them together. As a result I honestly feel the best I’ve felt for years. I have had counselling in the past and finding my current phycologist through the British CBT and counselling service is the best thing I could have done for myself. My therapist is experienced, knowledgeable, relatable and kind. I am so glad I took that brave leap into the unknown with a willingness to feel vulnerable and have an open mind."

MELANIE, East Dulwich
"My husband and I have recently started couples therapy. It’s a terrifying move to start with but talking to a third party really helps see things more clearly and break down some of the issues more methodically."



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Mental Health Blog

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The 9 Challenges of January

If December is the ‘season to be jolly’, January is the season to be depressed. Hot on the heels of the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is the most emotionally and psychologically challenging. At The British CBT & Counselling Service requests for therapy triple in January with people feeling more depressed and anxious than at any other time. So why is this time of the year so difficult?

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post christmas depression

Christmas has made me depressed

Dear Dr Gray, I am worried that there is something wrong with me. I really didn’t enjoy Christmas, if I’m honest, I never do. I am surrounded by my family, have time off work and pretty much

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Teetotal street

Dry January is a Bad Idea!

Dry January is a Bad Idea! At a glance it seems that giving up alcohol for a whole month, especially after the excesses of Christmas, is a good idea.  However, on closer inspection is it possible that

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