Counselling for Low Self Esteem

Counselling for Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is at the root of many of our problems.  It can sabotage relationships and careers, cause self-destructive behaviours and hold us back from achieving our full potential.  It is a key feature of many mental health problems including depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Who Can Counselling for Low Self Esteem Help?

Do you lack belief in your personal value/worth?  Are you very critical of yourself?  Do you have a low opinion of yourself? Do you compare yourself negatively with others?  Do you blame yourself when something goes wrong and attribute good fortune to external influences (i.e. not to yourself)?  Do you expect others to dislike and criticise you?  Do you hear criticism from others when this is not the message that is being conveyed?  Are you drawn to people who mistreat you?  Do you set very high standards for yourself to try and improve how you feel about yourself?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may benefit from our counselling services to help you overcome your low self esteem issues.

“For a long time I felt as if nothing in my life seemed to click. After studying for my degree overseas I found myself suffering from anxiety all the time. In addition, I would often get so anxious about things in my life I would sabotage my relationships and jobs. I later discovered with the help of my therapist that this was all due to my low self-esteem. I had never known something so small could spiral out of control. Thank you for helping me find the root of the problem and continuing to help me resolve it.”

MATT, Richmond

What Does Therapy for Low Self Esteem Involve?

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The first step will be to discuss with one of our Therapists the beliefs that you hold about yourself, how these affect how you feel and the choices that you make. Your Psychologist may also ask you about your relationships as we tend to be drawn to people who treat us like we treat ourselves.

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Once your Therapist has a clear idea of your self-esteem and its impact on your life they will teach you techniques to reduce self-criticism and doubt and help you learn to build a more accepting, positive and nurturing attitude towards yourself.

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In parallel to this your Therapist will help you to deal with any feelings of anxiety, anger or depression associated with your low self-esteem.

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You will then work with your Therapist to reconstruct your confidence and begin tackling issues that you have previously avoided due to expectations of failure.

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Finally, your Therapist will help you to understand the origins of your low self-esteem, resolve negative feelings about these and move forwards from these with acceptance, resulting in a more healthy attitude.

Counselling Fees

Prices can be found on our Fees Page. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call 0800 002 9068 or fill out our contact form.


All of our Therapists offer Self Esteem counselling.

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