Counselling for Infertility

Counselling for Infertility

Becoming a parent is one of the major transitions in adult life for both men and women and the stress of not being able to experience this has been associated with a range of psychological problems including anger, depression, anxiety, feelings of defectiveness and incompetence, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction and social isolation.

Who Can Infertility Counselling Help?

Do you feel hopeless and helpless in the face of your infertility?  Has trying to conceive taken over your life? Have you had numerous failed IVF cycles? Does it seem like getting pregnant is so easy for everyone else and does this make you angry?  Do you feel you need support that your family cannot offer you?  Are you trying to move on from having a biological child or becoming a parent but are struggling with this process?

Infertility Therapy

 If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these above questions it is possible that you would benefit from our infertility counselling services.

“When I lost my baby and was told that I am unlikely to ever be able to conceive again I felt as though I lost a huge part of who I was. I spent my days feeling empty and numb. My friends and family tried to help but nothing they did could ease the pain in my heart. Eventually, my cousin recommended I try talking to someone from The British CBT & Counselling Service. Listening to her recommendation was the best choice I have ever made. Thank you so much for making me feel whole again.”

SARAH, London

What Does Counselling for Infertility Involve?

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One of our Psychologists will meet with you (and your partner if you feel that this would be helpful) to discuss your experiences of infertility and how it is impacting on you and your life. They will also ask you about what you would like to achieve through your counselling to ensure that the treatment programme they devise fits with what you need and want.

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Your Therapist will then teach you techniques to manage your thoughts and feelings in a way that will make your experience of infertility and any medical procedures (for example IVF) you choose to undergo more tolerable.

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Your Therapist will then help you to rebalance your life so that wherever you are on your fertility journey your life will no longer feel like it is on hold. If you are trying to move on from trying to conceive our Psychologist will help you to reconfigure your life and image of yourself with your experience of infertility as a part of it and not as something that dominates it.

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Finally, your Therapist will continue to support you until you feel as if you have the internal strength to support yourself.

Counselling Fees

Prices can be found on our Fees Page. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call 0800 002 9068 or fill out our contact form.


All of our Therapists offer Infertility counselling.

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