Counselling for Behavioural Problems

Counselling for Behavioural Problems

People of any age can struggle with a behavioural problem, when we talk about the type of behavioural problems seen in adults we are usually referring to unhealthy behaviours like smoking, alcoholsubstance misuse or gambling.  This page deals with behavioural problems seen in children and teenagers.

Who Can Therapy Help?

Is your child engaging in a behaviour that you feel is damaging to either their physical or mental health?  Is your child’s behaviour creating problems at school, within their peer group or your family?  Have you noticed a negative change in the way that your child behaves and you do not know what to do about it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than one of the questions above your child may benefit from our counselling services.

Behavioural Problem therapy
“I love working as a carer, in my opinion, it is one of the best jobs in the world, but it still has its challenges. I often find myself surrounded by people with volatile mood swings and unpredictable behaviour. Over time, even though I love my work it began to take a toll on me and my own behaviour deteriorated. I knew I needed to reach out and get some help so I decided to contact The British CBT & Counselling Service. Whilst I didn’t always get the answers I wanted and occasionally resented my therapist it ended up being the best choice I ever made. I am back to loving my job and life and I owe it all to them.”

ADAM, Nottingham

What Does Therapy Involve?

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You and your child (depending on their age) will begin by meeting with one of our psychologists to discuss the problems that you have noticed. You will be asked to give as much detail about the issues as possible but will also be asked more general questions about yourselves and your family lives to enable your Therapist to ensure that the treatment plan they recommend meets your child’s specific needs.

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Your Therapist will then work with you, your child and other relevant members of your family/social/school network to understand the function that the behaviour is serving, eliminate the need for it and also encourage healthier alternative behaviours. The approach taken is likely to involve a combination of practical and psychologist strategies that you and your child will be supported to learn and practice outside of therapy sessions.

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You and your child will then work with your Therapist to understand the factors that have led to the problem developing in the first place to ensure that similar issues don’t arise in the future.

Counselling Fees

Prices can be found on our Fees Page. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call 0800 002 9068 or fill out our contact form.


All of our Therapists offer Behavioural Problem counselling.

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