Jade Maddocks - BA Hons Person Centered Counsellor - Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Jade Maddocks

Jade Maddocks


Person Centered Counsellor – Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Available for appointments at our Islington Clinic

Works With Ages 13 and Older


My approach to healing is holistic, while I also remain person-centred.  I believe that each individual has the ability to find the answers they seek within themselves, to heal and grow towards their full potential. Nobody understands how we think and feel better than ourselves, we are our own experts. 

During therapy I allow you to explore your world as you know it consciously. My role as your counsellor, is not to try to interpret what I believe you are going through. Instead, I will view your world completely through your perspective and will sit alongside you as you begin to understand yourself on a whole new level.


I am a fully qualified BA (Hons) Person-Centred Counsellor and my approach to therapy is from a humanistic, experiential and integrative model. 

The holistic approach to healing is something I am incredibly passionate about. I will encourage you to explore your mind, body and soul, because I believe they are all connected. Each of these elements connect us to who we truly are, and when one of these becomes out of balance mental health problems can occur. I offer guidance in inviting the mind and the body to connect through meditative practices such as mindfulness and yoga.


My motivation comes from seeing people grow and change into the people they have always desired to be. To be a part of an individual’s journey on such a deep level is incredibly rewarding and I love nothing more than giving each unique person the valuable time and space to be their true selves. We have many different faces that we show the world, but I provide a safe space where you can explore who you truly are, without fear of being judged. 

About Me

I love keeping fit and healthy, and spend a lot of my spare time when I am not working at the gym or doing yoga. I am a yoga teacher and am open to exploring the therapeutic benefits of this practice in the therapy room. I think that having an awareness of the breath and challenging the mind to stay calm in certain postures on the mat is another window to connect us to our true selves. If we slow things down, and turn our attention inward, rather than focusing on the world outside of ourselves, we can start to understand what it is we need to heal. 

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