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Ian Wootton

Ian Wootton

CPsychol, AFBPsS

Clinical Psychologist

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“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”.

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, having difficulty adapting to the ever-changing demands of the world, or finding it hard to express yourself, you don’t have to cope alone.  After twenty years of working as a psychologist, I’ve come to recognise that there’s a whole set of people out there who are assumed to be coping perfectly well, who don’t like to make a fuss, and who appear to be okay on the outside but who are actually struggling on the inside.  Even when around lots of people, these individuals may feel disconnected or isolated, may feel unable to access help from others and unable to contemplate new ways of thinking.  As a response to these challenges, I believe in the three principles of psychological wellbeing – flexibility, receptivity, and social connectedness – as well as the need for practical skills and the importance of adopting an open mind in order to reflect on the ‘blind spots’ that might be keeping a person stuck.


My practice has routinely involved working with a wide range of clients and a variety of treatment models.  I have received specific training in, and implemented, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Group Analytic Psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).  More recently, however, I have developed a particular interest in Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO-DBT), which aims to treat ‘overcontrolled’ presentations such as anxiety, depression, ‘over-thinking’, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours – as well as other characteristics that are associated with excessive and maladaptive levels of self-control.


I want to offer something different: something for those people whose needs are often left unmet, or who may have struggled to find ‘the right treatment’ in the past.  I want to help people to flexibly respond to what life throws at them, to help them to embrace the often-difficult feedback that their environment provides, to be able to share and express their feelings, views and opinions, and, most of all, to connect with those around them so that they feel a sense of belonging.

About Me

I am a Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and have worked within psychological settings for over twenty years.  Outside work, I unwind by running around the country lanes of North Yorkshire, where I live.  Although, each year, I insist that I am not going to take on another, I am currently training for my seventh marathon.

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