Dr Zainab Al-Noor - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Zainab Al-Noor

Dr Zainab Al-Noor

BSc, MSc, DClinPsy

Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our Marylebone Clinic

Works With All Age Groups


The world can be filled with hostility and struggle, we encounter frustrations, and challenges that reduce our opportunity for success.  It could be the ups and downs in our economy, the uncertainty of our decisions, feelings of helplessness that threaten our ideal sense of security and confidence in our abilities.  We may not have control over these forces, however, when we feel moments of safety from the ever-changing demands of life, we will naturally begin to problem solve more effectively, view our difficulties and challenges in ways we had not thought before, building our confidence and meeting the demands of our lives.  My aim is to work together, to combine our talents and our strengths and begin to untangle the difficulties you face, to help you seize the opportunities once again.


As a Clinical Psychologist, I am trained to use the latest evidence base for treating psychological difficulties.  Through my clinical training, I view the person holistically and therefore appreciate that problems affect not only the individual’s sense of self, but also extend to relationships between them and their family, partners, friends, colleagues and wider community.  I use a range of approaches (e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Therapy) that have a proven track record for success and adapt these to accommodate each person’s needs.

My approach and personal style is rooted in the evidence base of Positive Psychology which emphasizes the person’s strengths and abilities.  I therefore seek out and identify each individual’s unique strengths and help build on these to address their difficulties.  I have experience using this approach with a range of psychological difficulties such as depression and anxiety, and with individuals from many different cultural backgrounds.  I conduct specialist research in the different ways that cultures influence how anxiety is experienced and treated, and my clinical specialty is the interconnection between psychological and medical trauma.


I am driven by the recognition that we sustain psychological injuries even more often than we do physical ones, injuries like failure or rejection or loneliness.  They can also get worse if we ignore them, and impact our lives in dramatic ways.  And yet, even though there are scientifically proven techniques we could use to treat these kinds of psychological injuries, we often belittle them.  I strive for the recognition that mental health is as important and life changing as physical health.  I maintain my enthusiasm for my profession when I see this recognition in my clients, and when we both experience relief at finally feeling heard and understood.  Above all, I feel grateful for the opportunity to contribute to people’s wellbeing.

About Me

My interests are diverse and range from baking and calligraphy, to travelling and hiking.  This reflects my curiosity in all the different ways people express themselves and view the world.

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