Dr Maria Serena Filardi - Clinical Psychologist

Maria Serena Filardi

Dr Maria Serena Filardi

PhD, PGDip, MSc, BSc

Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our Clapham Clinic


I have been fascinated by the human mind and how it works since my early teenage years. My interest in understanding the mind, behaviour, communication and relationships has been enhanced through studying psychology.

I believe that everyone is looking for their own balance, and sometimes the awareness of what is effective, what we want to change in our life it is not enough to make the change happen.

This is something we may need help with, the help of a professional who understands the mechanism behind difficult situations. Change is scary but being afraid of change means losing the opportunity to live your life fully and to be happy.


I have a holistic approach based on training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Brief and Strategic Therapy, Post-rationalism, Neuropsychology, Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychology. That means I use a variety of techniques to respond to patient’s needs rather than apply a single technique for everyone. In fact, for me it is very important to respect the patient freedom to chose if they want to work on a symptom or if they want to go deeper into the understanding of themselves.


I find it very rewarding be able to help people to reflect on themselves and guide them through the wonderful gifts therapy presents. Going through some very important experiences together with my patients makes the relationships we build unique, and in this sharing we both become richer people.

About Me

I have always been curious about other people, people with different backgrounds or from different countries, and learning about different cultures. Being in London give me the opportunity to be in contact with all this diversity. I provide therapy in Italian, Spanish and English.

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