Dr Mamata Majithia - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Mamata MajithiaDr Mamata Majithia

BA Psy (Hons), MA Clinical Psychology, Dip in Psychology (post graduate conversion)

Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our Chiswick and Twickenham clinics.

Works With All Age Groups


“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” – Carl Rogers

We are so focused on achieving a goal that we totally forget to enjoy the journey toward reaching that goal. As Carl Rogers’ quotation suggests that living a good life is all about the journey itself.

Every person has things that happen to them that interfere with them truly living. Regardless of where you are on this journey, it often helps to have someone to talk to that will help you get back on track to where you need to be. If you have the courage to seek help in your time of need and the willingness to work towards your goals, then you are already on your way to getting your life back on the right path.


I have more than 25 years experience working with a variety of client needs, such as depression, anxiety, anger management, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, eating-disorders, mood disorders, self-harm, phobias, relationship challenges, social struggles, chemical dependence and pain management.

My therapeutic style incorporates a variety of techniques and methods I have been trained in while working with clients, depending on their age, stage of life, personality and their presenting problem or circumstance.  I also specialise in working through past trauma and changing old patterns. Although my primary orientation is cognitive behavioural therapy, I tailor my sessions to individual needs. This means I employ various techniques from integrative approach, solution focused, narrative, psychodynamic, mindfulness.

In my work, I prefer to focus on what is happening right now to help you keep what is working and change what isn’t. There are times we must remove some roots to help us move forward and we can do that in a safe environment. Working with a psychologist who respects your values and life experience provides the potential for creating an atmosphere for growth further propelling the process of change.


I provide a safe and accepting environment to heal from past traumas, anxiety, and relationship difficulties, emotional distress and/or other psychological problems. If you’ve tried before but things just aren’t coming together you know how frustrating it is to not be able to be the real you. At first, I’ll help you identify where these difficulties come from, followed by learning and practising ways to manage negative symptoms, and last, we work together to resolve these issues at the root, so you don’t have to worry about them reoccurring. If you are ready, I’d be honoured to work with you.

I regularly attend evidenced-based trainings to be up to date with cutting edge treatment approaches. We will work together to create a holistic treatment plan that works for you to resolve these difficult areas. And because I value your time and all the work you’ve already put into your personal self-growth, I’m all about what will work

I believe in the process of therapy. Safety is essential at every age. Therapy can offer a safe place to process and work through personal issues confidentially. Take the first step toward change today!

About Me

I enjoy reading, exploring nature in my leisure time. I practice what I preach, especially applying mindfulness techniques to manage the frustration being ‘stuck’ in traffic, it works most of the time!

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