Dr Lucy Gee - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lucy Gee

Dr Lucy Gee

DClinPsy, PGDip, BSC (hons) Psychology

Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our East Dulwich clinic.


We all come into this world in different circumstances with a different set of genes, and we all go through different life experiences. There is no blueprint for being, nor how to respond to the challenges that life brings. Therapy enables us to find new ways to cope with the painful experiences we may go through, and helps us move towards a future where we feel more able to cope with our struggles, and feel more connected to our values and to the world around us.


The way I work very much depends on the individual. In my view, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to therapy. By exploring your goals, values and needs, we can work out where you would like to go, and how we can get there. I have a special interest in mindfulness and third wave CBT approaches, which place an emphasis of finding new ways of relating to thoughts and emotions, and reconnecting with our values.


Life is full of pain.  I’ve seen it first hand and I’ve seen it in others. It is an unfortunate and inevitable part of being human. Sometimes, life’s challenges can feel so overpowering that we find ourselves falling into a hole that becomes harder and harder to get out of.  However, unwanted pain does not mean we need to stop living a fulfilling life. My own life experiences have shown me that how we respond to the pain that life dishes out is crucial. I have a genuine motivation in helping people feel they have choices, and find new ways to approach their life and the challenges it brings, and subsequently reconnect with what is important to them.

I have worked in the NHS for nearly 10 years, across a number of different services. I have worked with individuals, couples and families with a wide range of difficulties and across the lifespan. I currently specialise in working with people with mood, anxiety and personality disorders.

About Me

I grew up with an emphasis on simplicity, and continue to try to live in line with this, despite the complexity that the world around me brings. I am a strong believer in ‘living in the now’ and tend to gravitate towards the activities that allow for this, such as taking long walks, listening to live music, and spending time with my family.

Registered With

The British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist
HCPC Registered

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