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Dr Kalyco Stobart


Dr of Counselling Psychology

Available for appointments at our Clapham Clinic

Works With All Age Groups


Difficulties in life are inevitable; it is part of the human condition.  It can be tough being a person!  I believe that difficulties with our sense of selves, the struggle of being in relationships with others and feeling stuck or lost, are to a greater or lesser degree, universal.  For many there are times when thoughts and feelings feel overwhelming and you may find yourself loosing connection with yourself and others.  At these times CBT counselling provides a space to think with another person to gain understanding about your internal world, which will enable you to do things differently and move your life forward in the way you would like.


As a trained counselling psychologist I have broad experiences working with individuals, couples, families and children who are struggling with psychological difficulties.  I offer change focused therapy to enable you make changes in your life and allow you to do things differently.  This may be coming to a more balanced view of themselves, of others and the world in general or it may be a desired behavioural change.  I believe that if we don’t do something different, nothing will be different in our lives.

I believe that an individuals early experiences will impact on their understanding of themselves and others and that this can be one of the contributing factors to their current difficulties.  I employ an up to date range of “third wave” cognitive behavioural skills and techniques to help you better manage, what can often be intense and overwhelming thoughts and feelings, which can get in the way of us leading the lives we want.


I have a long standing fascination with human relationships and a compassionate curiosity of how people make sense of themselves and the world.  I have an understanding of how painful life can be and have seen how life-changing CBT / psychological therapies can be.  I am committed to using my experience and training to work alongside you whilst we navigate life’s confusions and begin to make more sense of your internal world.  I have absolute faith in the therapeutic process ability to change people’s lives and find working in this way rewarding and often humbling.

About Me

I, like many of us, have a busy lifestyle.  I try to look after myself by doing yoga and spending time with a neighbours pug puppy.  I am a huge British Bake Off fan and enjoy having a go at some of the recipes, and eating them afterwards.

Registered With

The British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist
HCPC Registered

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