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Jane Halsall

Dr Jane Halsall

PsychD, MSc

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

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Starting the search for a therapist is the first step in the road to making the changes you have been thinking about.  Many people fear that if they open up they will never be able to contain their emotions. They question whether they would cope. That is why I am here. Psychological interventions enable you to create a deeper understanding of yourself and why you respond / behave to situations the way you do. Instead of being captivated by negative thoughts and beliefs, psychological therapy can provide a safe and confidential environment that will allow you to adapt these negative processes into something positive.


My work is based on an integrative model, which means that I am trained in several therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, person-centred therapy and CBT. I try to involve different methods and interventions within my therapy sessions according to what is brought forward by my clients. Most importantly, I embrace a relational orientation and believe that a clients’ positive progression is often when they find someone they feel able to trust. In my experience this is the most important foundation for the work to develop.

I have worked for 10 years counselling complex clients in addiction and mental health settings. Anxiety, depression, Bi-polar, trauma, eating disorders are some of the challenges clients have faced.


I feel it is a huge privilege to be sat with someone and witness the developmental changes that psychological therapy can bring.

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As a Chartered Counselling Psychologist I have taken my training very seriously and often undertake courses to ensure my learning continues. This experience has taught me the importance of being empathetic and non-judgemental in my approach.

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