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Dr Gavin Jones

Dr Gavin Jones

DHealthPsychol, MSc,BSc

Consultant Health Psychologist

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Effective psychology is about providing a truer understanding of self, which releases the burdens of emotional distress that prejudice everyday life. It is fundamental that we understand who we are, where we have come from and where we are going in our personal journeys. Otherwise, we will live a life feeling unfulfilled, one where we are more occupied to our internal conflicts than we are to observe and experience the beauty surrounding us in everyday life.


I will guide you through the traditional and effective approaches of philosophy and psychology to help you learn how to achieve personal contentment. We will focus time to understand your personality to purposefully explore how certain behaviours and attitudes are unhelpfully preventing the resolution of your personal conflicts and traumas. The careful exploration of your personality will allow you to answer the question ‘who am I?’, and learning about you will be a liberating, meaningful and motivating experience.


Psychology is a part of our everyday life and the more you understand the psychology of personality the better you will be at navigating your way through your personal life journey.  I am determined to coach you to become the person you need to be in the various parts of your personality and life. The sincerer you are at actualising the idealised version of yourself the greater motivation and contentment you will have in your mental health, physical health, personal life, work life, and your social life.

About Me

As a psychologist, I am empathetic, conscientious, straight talking, and a ‘fixer’, meaning that I have an expertise in solving problems. In my psychology career I have worked in forensic mental health, drug and alcohol detox units, homeless shelters, university guest lecturing, and I have headed the psychology service of renowned international rehabs. I also provide private consultation services to law firms, private mental health clinics, international private schools, and high-profile individuals.

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