Dr Erin Ferguson - Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Erin Ferguson

Dr Erin Ferguson

DClinPsych MA (Hons) CPsychol

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

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‘There’s nothing wrong with you that what’s right with you can’t fix.’ Insoo Kim Berg

I am a firm believer in the human capacity to heal and overcome difficult experiences. I view therapy as a space to gain understanding and insights into our identities, our beliefs and our behaviour in order to effect real change. I subscribe to the view that we can all learn and grow at any age or stage of life.


As a Clinical Psychologist, trained within the NHS, I have been fortunate to experience working with individuals, couples and families in a range of settings and services. My job is extremely rewarding but ultimately I consider it a privilege when people share their very personal experiences with me and I admire how much courage people can show when faced with adversity.

I have extensive experience drawing on Cognitive and Behavioural methods within my work and I am also able to draw on ideas from systemic and narrative therapy. I value the collaborative approach within these models as I can spend time talking with people about their goals and ultimately, empowering people to become their own therapist. I also have considerable experience working with people who have a disability.


I think it is crucial that people are supported to tell their own story and attribute new meanings to difficult experiences past and present. Keeping up to date with new developments in practice is really important to me so that I can offer current and effective interventions. I consider myself to be a reflective clinician and I am always open to feedback.

About Me

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society. I completed a Masters in Psychology at St Andrews University in 2003 and went on to complete my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and the University of Oxford in 2010.

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The British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist
HCPC Registered

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