Dr Charlotte Cox - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Charlotte Cox

Dr Charlotte Cox

DClinPsy, BA (Hons)

Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our Liverpool Street Clinic


“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship, which this person may use for his own personal growth?”
Carl R. Rogers

Some people who come for therapy do so because they have been struggling for a long time, maybe even all their life. For others their struggles may have started more recently, perhaps due to a specific life event, life circumstance or life stage.  Some people come with a clear ‘problem’ they want to solve or goal they’d like to work towards.  Others may have no idea about what/why/how they are struggling or what they want to get out of therapy. Instead they may feel lost, confused, scared or just generally feel unhappy or dissatisfied. If you were to start therapy with me my central aim would be to meet you exactly where you are (and that will change as therapy progresses) so that we can figure out together what will help you to move forward in your life for you.


My training and experience allows me to draw on a range of therapeutic approaches including traditional CBT, ‘third-wave’ CBT approaches (e.g. ACT, MBCT, CFT and DBT), systemic therapy and psychodynamic theories.  This means that I can adapt my approach to suit the person in front of me.

I strive to open up a curious, questioning conversation free from prejudice or judgement which would allow you to think about your own thoughts, feelings, behaviours, ideas, norms, motivations, barriers etc.  This would help you to gain a deeper understanding of what your difficulties are and how these difficulties operate in relevant areas of your life.  With greater awareness and understanding often comes greater peace and acceptance of ourselves and our life situations. Paradoxically what I often see is that with greater peace and acceptance change can naturally happen.  Sometimes change and/or acceptance requires practice through more structured techniques or strategies.  In these situations I am skilled in suggesting and encouraging relevant exercises.

I also welcome conversations about any feelings that come up in the therapy or in response to the therapy or in response to myself.  The therapeutic relationship can be a great tool for exploring your relationship patterns and can offer a safe place to try out new ways of being.


As a young child I looked around and I saw suffering in the world. I remember thinking that if people could talk about their pain that this must surely make things a little bit less bad. As an adult, in my own therapy, I experienced the healing power that comes from another person really striving to understand you and your world. All the while holding positive regard and wanting the best for you no matter what comes up. My motivation comes from wanting to offer that same experience whether that means being with you as you struggle, celebrating with you as you make positive life changes, or the whole spectrum that comes in between.

About Me

I like to adventure, whether that means seeing new things, doing new things meeting new people or seeing things through new eyes. I see therapy as the biggest adventure of them all. Sometimes it can feel new and daunting, sometimes scary or challenging and maybe even exciting. It can be hard to predict where we will end up but it is full of possibility.

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