Author: Dr Lisa Debrou

Child asleep

How to give yourself a springtime sleep boost in ten steps

A good night’s sleep has positive effects for us all, but in modern times with pressurised schedules this is an aspect of our daily living which may not be prioritised. Springtime is an ideal time to kick start some new sleep habits with a view to boosting your sleep, or just trying something new. 1. If possible, avoid using electronic

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Phobia therapy


Do you have a phobia which is affecting your life and wish it could be different? Whilst some people learn to manage their phobias well, others are severely affected in their quality of life and daily functioning. A phobia is generally characterised by strong and intense levels of anxiety and fear. For some, the anxiety associated with a phobia can

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Am I being bullied at work?

When it comes to this question there can be confusion with regard to what constitutes workplace bullying and, what to do about it. What is workplace bullying? The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) highlight there is no legal definition for workplace bullying, however they describe it as “negative behaviour being targeted at an individual, or individuals, repeatedly and persistently over time”.

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