Author: Dr Holly Kahya


How to Beat the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues It’s that time of year again: the clocks are changing back, the days get shorter and many of us can begin to notice a dip in mood.  Whether you simply suffer from a touch of autumnal apathy or veer towards Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s good to plan ahead in order to beat the winter blues.

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Why Do We Have Halloween?

Why do we have Halloween? It’s time to carve and light the pumpkins, don the fangs and liberally drizzle the fake blood!  Halloween is the time to revel in the darkness and delight in savage, gruesome and thrilling.  Of course, this is particularly exciting for many of us precisely because we feel under a certain amount of social pressure from

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Laura Trott

How Laura Trott beats the odds to win Gold

“When you get in that zone…  Everything slows down.  You just have supreme confidence.  When that happens, you really do not try to focus on what’s going on [around you], because you could lose it in a second. . . . You have to really try to stay in the present, not let anything break that rhythm. . . . You

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How to Cope With Brexit Anxiety?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi A week of unprecedented political turmoil can take its toll.  Following last week’s referendum, the social and economic future of the country seems unclear, with a divided population and leaders on both sides of the debate fighting for control. As individuals repeatedly bombarded by scaremongering headlines and alarmist articles

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