Blog Articles by Caroline Black

Blog Articles by Caroline Black

Caroline Black

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I am a certified health and wellness coach with an interest in healthy living, both mental and physical. I am passionate about ending cyber bullying and want to improve awareness so that victims understand there are things they can do to prevent it from occurring and getting worse. I am also a regular contributor to two other websites and am currently studying for a Diploma in Nutrition.

The views expressed here are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the British CBT & Counselling Service

How To Spot Cyberbullying And What To Do About It

How To Spot Cyberbullying And What To Do About It With the recent advances in technology and the internet, bullying has been taken to a whole new level.  Kids, teens and adults are all prone to being cyber bullied via social media channels and websites.  Cyberbullies are just the same as regular bullies, except it can sometimes feel even scarier and more daunting being the victim of internet bullying. The internet has the power to make things viral among smaller communities such as schools, colleges and university groups.  One nasty […]...

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