Finding Couples Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | What To Consider And How To Prepare

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Finding couples cognitive behavioural therapy | What to consider and how to prepare

Seeking out couples counselling is a good way of working through relationship issues and helping you to resolve conflict in a healthier way. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most popular methods used in couples therapy, with many couples seeking out services that offer this therapy method.

Here, we explore how CBT can help couples and whether it is right for you, whether to choose online or in-person therapy and what you should look for in a couple’s therapist. We also look at how successful CBT is for couples and explain how British CBT & Counselling can help.

How can CBT help couples, and is it ideal for you?

CBT couple’s therapy is a popular treatment approach that will allow you to identify, understand, and resolve the unhealthy patterns you may have in your relationship. This may include issues with conflict, communication, and emotional distress in your relationship. Cognitive behavioural therapy will help you to look at your thoughts and see how they influence your feelings and actions. During your therapy sessions, you will uncover thoughts that are not accurate or are unhelpful and damaging to you and your relationship, teaching you how to replace them with positive and truer thoughts, and the space to discuss these issues with your partner. In a relationship, this will allow you to discuss what is truly being thought and experienced, versus assumptions made and held through miscommunication or previous negative experiences. A therapist will typically use cognitive behavioural therapy for you and your partner if you have strong patterns that include poor communication, misunderstandings, and conflict. You may not always have CBT suggested to you – it will only be recommended if your therapist feels it will be the most helpful form of therapy for you.

Find out more about what is involved in couples cognitive behavioural therapy here.

Should you choose online or in-person CBT therapy?

There is a choice between online therapy and in-person therapy, which is very personal to each couple. Online therapy can be a wonderful way for couples who cannot easily travel to a therapist to attend sessions, or for those who have busier lives. It is also a lot more flexible, which is perfect for all kinds of lifestyles.

On the other hand, if you choose in-person CBT therapy, you may be able to forge a more personal connection with your therapist, and it can be good to get out of your home environment and into a neutral space for these sessions.

The British CBT & Counselling Service offers online therapy for those looking for a more flexible option, which can be done from the comfort of your own home, with a therapist you may not otherwise have easy access to, as they may not be based near where you live. Going online gives more scope and makes it easier to find couples therapy that you are comfortable with.

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Are you ready to start online couples therapy? Contact us here.

What to look for in a CBT couples therapist

When seeking a CBT couples therapist, it is important to bear in mind that this is a commonly used form of therapy, and many therapists are fully trained in this. However, it will only be offered to you if your therapist feels this is the most ideal method for your unique situation.

Even if many therapists are trained in CBT, it can be beneficial to locate a specialist in this field, as well as in couples therapy. This can help you to get the best experience and quality, as you know that they will have a wealth of experience, as well as in-depth training and knowledge. The British CBT & Counselling Service has therapists and psychologists who are widely experienced in couples cognitive behavioural therapy. Our psychologists have spent between seven- and nine-years training with a special emphasis on CBT, and are subject to regular supervision to ensure that they are working to the highest and most current standard.

How successful is cognitive behavioural therapy?

CBT is known as one of the most successful forms of therapy, with over 50% of those who use CBT showing improvement. It has commonly been used to help with issues of depression, insomnia and anxiety disorders, as well as couples therapy.

How we can help

If you think that CBT couples therapy could help you, then the British CBT & Counselling Service is here to help. We offer couples counselling online so that you can get the support you need.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you and your partner gain deeper clarity and understanding.

Frequently asked questions – couples behavioural therapy

What are the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy?

CBT can help with creating rational thought processes, increasing self-esteem, and creating better self-awareness and emotional intelligence, as well as providing a neutral space to discuss issues.

What happens in CBT sessions?

In these sessions, you will discuss your problems, breaking them down into thoughts, feelings (physical and emotional) and actions. You will then work with your therapist to identify negative or untrue thought patterns and work on techniques for developing more rational thoughts.

Can CBT help with trust issues?

CBT can help you to unpack the reasons for your trust issues and how much of this has been created by negative and untrue thought patterns. By creating open communication and honesty, CBT can help you to work on trust issues with your partner.

What causes a lack of trust in a relationship?

Lack of trust in a relationship can be caused by miscommunication, affairs, financial issues, jealousy and a lack of shared goals, among other things.

What does cognitive behavioural therapy involve?

CBT seeks to help you manage your problems by stopping negative cycles. This is done by breaking down the things that may cause negative feelings so that you can address them more clearly and identify false or damaging thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Why do the costs vary from therapist to therapist?

Costs will vary from therapist to therapist based on experience and training, location, and whether the therapist works independently or not.

Will your counselling sessions be confidential?

Your counselling sessions are completely confidential, just like sessions you have with your medical doctor.

I only want one session – will the therapist be able to help?

Single session therapy can be beneficial and is provided by some therapists, however, it is suggested that you leave the possibility of more therapy sessions open.

How frequently do you need to attend sessions?

It is a good idea to engage in weekly therapy sessions.

How long should I expect to have to continue counselling?

You will often see a CBT therapist for up to 20 sessions initially, then have a discussion about how frequent this will be going forward.

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