Online counselling for anger issues

Anger is an emotion we all feel, but there are times when we can find that we are not controlling our anger well. Many people find that anger issues creep up on them slowly, and before they know it they are experiencing frequent angry outbursts. They may start by feeling a little irritable, especially with loved ones. This sometimes builds up into using hurtful language or even verbal outbursts, perhaps even descending into violence.

Depression and anxiety can often lie behind anger and it is important to treat the root causes in order to treat the anger. Therapy for anger issues can make a significant difference to someone who is struggling with anger. Anger management techniques can also be very helpful in controlling our responses to triggers and provocations.

How our anger affects others

Consider how those around you feel when you display uncontrolled anger. They may become fearful and avoid provoking you. This is colloquially known as “treading on eggshells”. Nobody wants their loved ones to feel like this around them. Anger can badly damage relationships and you may find yourself saying things you instantly regret. Anger can also be very self-destructive and it is, therefore, important to seek help when you recognise you have anger issues. Counselling for anger can help by dealing with the root causes of anger and teaching anger management techniques.

How therapy for anger issues can help

Counselling for anger can make a difference by treating the root causes behind the anger. It is important to understand what triggers our anger. Therapy for anger issues will begin by uncovering what is causing your anger, as well as identifying the type of situations that may trigger an outburst.

If one of the reasons behind your anger is anxiety and/or depression, then this is where counselling for anger will begin. There are different therapy techniques, but one of the most effective therapies for anger issues is cognitive behavioural therapy, also known as CBT.

Cognitive behavioural therapy works to “reframe” how you think and how you react to different situations. You will be taught techniques that allow you to express how you feel in a more constructive way, rather than getting angry. These coping strategies will allow you to feel angry, which is a normal human emotion, but will redirect you from inappropriate ways of expressing it.

Counselling can take a number of sessions before the problem is managed and your therapist will work with you on a plan for you to address both the issues that are making you angry, and the way in which you react to a triggering event or scenario.

Online counselling

Many therapists now offer online counselling as well as face-to-face sessions. Online counselling is genuinely accessible because it can often offer more flexible timings, and many people feel more comfortable talking from the comfort of their own home. It also makes counselling easier to fit around busy life or home commitments, in turn, making it easier to stick to a programme plan.

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