The Applications Of Gestalt Therapy

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Gestalt therapy can be used for a multitude of psychological and emotional issues. The therapy itself is based on unity and wholeness. 

It is a humanistic therapy meaning that the goal is to help each individual realise their own strengths. This is done by offering judgement free understanding and experience.

By using a humanistic approach in regards to therapy, the individual is able to focus on their own behaviour and experience, rather than the experiences of others. This encourages personal growth within each individual as they are able to identify their own key characteristics, strengths and experiences.

Britannica states that Gestalt therapy aims to resolve conflict that may arise from a person failing to combine different aspects of their personality. By teaching people to have a deeper awareness of themselves and the environment in which they reside, they will be able to form cohesive and appropriate responses to situations that may arise.

Who Is Gestalt Therapy For?

As stated above, Gestalt therapy can be used to help treat a variety of problems, however, it is certainly not for everyone. Though all therapies require internal reflection, humanistic therapies focus on this. If a person is not yet ready to face themselves, this may not be the right course of treatment.

This type of therapy often takes place in a group. By taking part in group sessions people are more able to broaden their self-awareness and personal responsibility. Extra attention is played to the expression of any negative thoughts or behaviours. Techniques such as roleplay can then be used to help each individual find a new perspective.

As stated above, while many people find this humanistic approach to treatment very effective, it is certainly not for everyone. Each person has different requirements and experiences, therefore no one type of therapy will suit every individual.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Gestalt Therapy

According to Verywell Mind there are a range of constitutions that can be treated using Gestalt therapy. These include, but are not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Efficacy, Low Self-Esteem and Relationship Problems

Every person is different and has different requirements from therapy. This means that not everyone with the aforementioned emotional and psychological problems would find Gestalt therapy suitable. However, these are the most common problems that can be treated with this particular humanistic approach.

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If you are growing concerned about your mental health, get in contact with the NHS and speak to a doctor about your concerns.

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