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The British CBT counselling service has a number of clinics located in London. These locations include Clapham, Liverpool street, Islington and Chiswick. If you are someone who is looking for Therapy in London, then look no further. 

Here at CBT, we understand that everyone is different and has individual needs and requirements. We provide a high quality of service to those in need of various different therapy services. Services that we provide include addiction, abuse and anxiety therapy, however, we offer a wide range of therapy services which can be found here.

How Can You Access Our Services?

We have counselling service clinics located right in the heart of London. Being located in such a prime location means that our clinic is easily accessible. Our clinic in London can be accessed by tube, rail, car or boat and our facilities have wheelchair access. 

We accept self and GP referrals and are registered with several insurance companies, this ensures we are easily available for those who are in need of our services. In our London clinics, we are highly flexible. Therapy appointments can be booked for weekdays, evenings and even weekends. As well as this your appointments can be booked up to a week in advance. Making it even more convenient for you. 

It is worth mentioning that all of our therapists including those located in our London clinics are either doctors of clinical or counselling psychology or psychotherapists. This means we are capable and highly qualified to deliver the best therapy services possible to adults and children. 

What Kinds Of Therapy Treatments Do We Provide In London?

At CBT we provide a large number of different therapy treatments in our CBT therapy clinics in London. Our treatments vary from sleep to abuse therapy, we also provide therapy for those who may be struggling with anxiety, OCD, eating disorders and depression. 

If you are someone who may be struggling with any of the above issues, then you can get in touch with us here.

Therapy Online

As well as our in-person therapy services, we also offer online appointments that may be preferable if you wish to stay at home whilst undergoing therapy. Our online therapy takes place on Zoom, which some people find more discreet and convenient to them. If you are someone who may struggle with leaving the house or travelling online therapy may be the perfect method for you. Furthermore, if you are someone who has a particularly busy schedule, online therapy sessions may be a better fit for you. Online therapy has been proven to help many individuals who are struggling with depression and anxiety, alongside many other issues that we provide treatment for. 

If Online therapy is something that you believe would be a suitable option for you, then you can find out more information about this service here.

Alternatively, if you wish to get in touch with us to discuss online treatment, this can be done here.


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