Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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Acceptance and commitment therapy commonly referred to as ‘ACT’, is a type of therapy that helps people with disorders and behavioural problems such as addiction, alcohol problems, anxiety and depression. 

According to the NHS (2022), different types of talking therapy are effective treatments for mental and emotional problems. This treatment could be in person, over the phone, with your family or with your partner. A trained therapist will work with you to understand and cope with the problems you are having. 

Here at The British CBT and Counselling service, we offer Acceptance and commitment therapy as a form of treatment. This therapy type involves emphasising acceptance as a way of dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. Alongside this, it also encourages you to commit to positive and healthy activities to help you reach your goals in life. 

You may be thinking that this type of therapy sounds a lot like mindfulness, and with that thought in mind, you are partially correct. Acceptance and commitment therapy combines the practice of traditional CBT based treatment with mindfulness, commitment, and behavioural change. With this type of treatment, the flexibility of your thoughts is increased and instead of being taught how to control your thoughts, you will learn how to develop an alternative relationship with your own experiences, by having acceptance and awareness of what occurs in your everyday life. 

Furthermore, one of the key goals of this type of therapy is to encourage more constructive activities and choose how you respond to negative thoughts and feelings. What is the ultimate aim? To create space between your mind and the immediate experiences that may be occurring in your life. This will deter those instant negative reactions and thoughts, and allow you to explore options of how you react to different situations that you may not have seen before.

Do you often find yourself pondering in your own mind? Acceptance and commitment therapy encourages you to be more aware of your surroundings and make you more mindful. This method is effective in teaching you how to deter from getting stuck in your own internal thoughts and feelings.

Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

The key benefit of having this type of therapy is that it can strengthen your ability to embrace your thoughts and emotions when they are useful to you, and then put them aside when they are not. It teaches you to be more mindful of your inner thoughts and experiences and deter impulsive actions as a result. This then allows you to focus on living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. 

Here at CBT, our acceptance and commitment therapy is an effective treatment for people who may be struggling with chronic pain, addictions, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety and psychosis. If you are someone who finds coping with your emotions a difficult experience, then you can find out more about our acceptance and commitment therapy here.

The British CBT and Counselling Services offer therapy treatments on weekdays, evenings and weekends. If you would like to find out more, then you can contact us here.

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