Social Anxiety in Teenagers

Teenager sitting with head in her hands looking sad

Challenges teenagers face

During lockdown the life of teenagers was affected beyond measure. All aspects of their lives were thrown into the confusion. Teenagers have the least secure jobs of any age group meaning their work and income was entirely out of their control, and the option to work from home was not something as easily available to them. Teenagers are the most socially active age group and the lack of face-to-face social contact with peers was a massive blow at a crucial time for social development. As difficult as this period was, the return to ‘normality’ is proving a unique challenge in its own right. A steep rise has been seen in social anxiety and NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) suggests that ” Social anxiety disorder has an early median age of onset (13 years) and is one of the most persistent anxiety disorders.’’


How do you identify if your child has social anxiety? You may notice the following:

  • They seem withdrawn, angry, or anxious a lot of the time.
  • They frequently complain of stomach or headaches, or other physical problems.
  • They try to avoid social activities or leaving the house.
  • A refusal to go to School.
  • They may behave in a way that seems out of character.
  • They spend more time in their room.

Getting Help

At The British CBT Counselling Service, we can help. We are knowledgeable, passionate Psychologists. We can give your child a range of practical strategies and techniques to deal with the difficulties they’re facing. We offer short and long term therapies which will be tailored to their specific needs.

Book online booking system or call for an informal chat. We’re always happy to talk. or by telephone 0800 002 9068



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