Why Get Family Counselling?

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Family dynamics have a crucial role in individuals’ lives every step of the way. Whether blood-related, blended, foster or adopted. This could sometimes lead to some distress and collective unhappiness.

Why Get Family Counselling?

This could be due to various different reasons and sometimes family counselling would be the best way to resolve the issues. Here are a few reasons a family might seek out some counselling:

  1. Drama with your Children

Children that act out usually don’t have a reason for the way they act. In fact, most people don’t know how to control their emotions until their brains are fully developed at 22 to 25 years old. This naturally would lead to some drama and reveal some underlying issues too.

  1. Facing addiction

If someone in the family is facing substance addiction, it affects the entire family. Whether you are a parent of an addict or the child of one the problems can be long lasting.

  1. Secrets

Keeping secrets from the family can cause the family to feel distant which in the end could lead to a lack of trust. This break in the relationship can cause a lot of distrust and frustration within the family.

  1. Withholding intimacy as punishment

This doesn’t teach anyone a lesson, it is just a way to manipulate someone. This behaviour can lead to a lack of balance in the relationship and can lead to negative emotions.

  1. Growing apart

As people grow and change as they get older, their tastes and preferences change as well. Sometimes the family can adapt to these changes but sometimes not everyone likes to adapt. This can cause a lot of disagreement and issues down the line.

  1. Grudges

Holding a grudge against a family member builds resentment and anger. These feelings can lead to unnecessary bitterness and ugly behaviour. It goes on for so long sometimes people don’t even remember why they are mad at the person. Counselling could provide a safe space to deal with these issues.

  1. Blended family

In today’s day and age having a blended family is very common. This is where two people come together with the chance of either partner having children. It’s a new experience and this could lead to issues in the family.

  1. Dealing with a Loss

It’s difficult to cope with a loss. Sometimes it affects the entire mood of the family. Sometimes a loss brings the family closer together to mourn or sometimes it could tear them apart.

How We Can Help?

We have a process that we would work through with your family starting from getting to know the family first to finding a solution that works best for you. To learn more check out our Family Therapy page.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call (contact info below) to have a chat before booking anything. We are happy to help! A happy family is a healthy family.

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