Benefits Of Marriage Counselling

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Our Marriage Counselling Services

Many relationships and marriages may find that through time it becomes increasingly difficult for individuals to communicate with each other which may lead to disagreements and constant bickering or arguing. Marriage counselling is a way for couples to reconnect, solve their problem and improve their relationship. Through counselling, people are able to recapture their previous happiness.

Our treatment starts with the couple meeting with one of our therapists for an initial session which will involve giving an overview outline of the problems you face as a couple, as well as setting overall goals for the counselling. This session will last 50-90 minutes, with a therapist giving you some initial information about what to expect from the therapy. Throughout the next few sessions, you will meet both individually as well as together with your therapist so that they are able to gain a better understanding of what you both contribute and lack to bring to the relationship. Once the therapist has gathered enough information, they will present you with a detailed formulation and treatment plan which will include an explanation of why you are your partner might be facing these problems as well as ways in which they can change and improve.

Why Do Couples Need Marriage Counselling

Couples that seek counselling isn’t always because they are thinking about separating, there are many reasons why marriage counselling may be considered such as:

  • A lack of communication from or to your partner which may cause arguments or distance.
  • Jealousy, trust or infidelity issues within a marriage, this could include issues from the past that still has an effect presently.
  • Major life changes or events such as starting a family, a bereavement, infertility and redundancy.
  • Financial issues between a couple which could cause a lack of trust or stability within a relationship.
  • Parenting differences or challenges, this might trigger regular arguments in a relationship which can cause distance and tension.
  • Losing your connection as a couple after being together for a long time or not making enough quality time for one another.

The Benefits Of Marriage Counselling

There are many benefits that come from couples/marriage counselling which help to better a relationship. Many people find that they are able to develop a closer and more intimate relationship after receiving counselling. They are able to recapture the spark and happiness the couple once shared. Counselling also helps to heal old wounds. Many couples may go through difficult times throughout their relationship which is not always correctly and completely addressed or resolved. One or both people in the relationship may be still be experiencing feelings and thoughts from a past situation that might not have been dealt with properly. A therapist can help to recognise problems such as these and can help a couple to readdress the situation where they can communicate with one another about what went wrong, how they feel about it now and whether it is resolvable.

There are many beneficial aspects that can come from counselling that can effectively save your relationship. The British CBT & Counselling offers marriage counselling to help you create a more happy and fulfilling relationship for both you and your partner.

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