Why Choose Online Therapy?

online therapy

Therapy involves the treatment of mental health concerns as well as behavioural challenges through communication and skill-building from a qualified mental health therapy professional. At The British CBT & Counselling Service, we offer a range of psychological therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). There are over five hundred different types of psychological therapies or talking therapies currently available as well as new treatments continuously developing.

Typically traditionally therapy is mental health support provided through face to face or in-person interactions with a licensed therapist. However, The British CBT & Counselling Service also offers online counselling as well as face to face counselling.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy provides mental health support from any location. The British CBT & Counselling service provides online therapy which is available to book through their website. The online booking system allows you to select the service you require such as Family/Child Therapy, Individual Therapy and Relationship therapy. All sessions are 50 minutes long which enable you to communicate with one of our therapists effectively. Online therapy is available to book via appointments that run during the week as well as evenings and weekends. Making it accessible to everybody.

Many people prefer online therapy because of the convenience: no travel needed, the comfort of being in your own chosen environment, the time that is saved and the possibility to have sessions during holidays. Another reason why people may prefer online therapy as opposed to face to face therapy is confidence. Reaching out for help may be more appealing when support is just a click away, where there is no physical exposure involved, taking that step becomes much easier.

Pros of Online Therapy?

  • Convenience: With virtual sessions being accessible, connecting with a therapist becomes possible from virtually anywhere. Being able to stay in the comfort of your own home/office becomes more appealing to some people.
  • Easy Access: Many people that would like to access therapy may not have easy accessible transport that would be needed for a physical therapy session. Connecting online also lowers social anxiety associated with sharing physical spaces.
  • Reduced Stigma: Through virtual therapy you can choose to remain anonymous, no one needs to know that you are heading off to a therapy session. It allows you to receive the support you would like whilst also feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Cons of Online Therapy?

  • Internet Reliant: When choosing online therapy you become reliant on a strong and stable internet connection allowing you to connect with your therapist. There may be times where connection could be lost between the two of you which means you may have to repeat several conversations resulting in losing some of your allocated slot time.
  • Communication restrictions: Some of the most effective therapy sessions come from a therapist being able to understand their patients body language. Without this a therapist may miss key challenges that a patient is facing resulting in them being aware of only half a problem.

dependent on your individual situation. For example, some people may feel a more positive impact when physically attending their therapy sessions, being in a different environment. This might help them to have a clearer focus on what it is they want to talk about. Whereas others may feel more comfortable opening up whilst being in their chosen environment. It can really be a case of trial and error, finding out what works best for you!

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