Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy

Who is it for?Therapy5

Systemic Focused Therapy can help families and those in close relationships with a number of psychological and emotional problems including, child and adolescent offending behaviour, divorce or separations, family conflict, illness or death and work or school difficulties.

How It Works?

Systemic or family therapy works on the idea that our family relationships play a huge part in our emotional and mental wellbeing. Systemic therapists explore any pressure or stress that is effecting the family and then teaches members strategies to help them understand one another and communicate better.


A Recent Testimonial

“I went to The British CBT & Counselling Service in Nottingham to get help for my daughter who was struggling with anxiety. The psychologist we saw was fantastic and quickly gained my daughter’s confidence and taught her strategies to manage her worries. We also did some work as a family and with the school which helped me to continue supporting my daughter after the treatment was finished. All very helpful. Thank you”.
Anna - Nottingham

What Does the Research Say?

Systemic family therapy has been shown to be effective with children and adolescents, namely when used to address offending behaviour.  However, there are fewer outcome studies with systemic therapy than other therapies as the introduction of more than one person in therapy means it is harder to evaluate the success of the intervention.

Further Reading

For more information, see The Counselling Directory – Systemic Therapy

Recommended Books:

An Introduction To Family Therapy: Systemic Theory And Practice by Rudi Dallos & Ros Draper


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