Therapy Costs & Fees

Ways to Pay

Self Funding Your Treatment

Payment for sessions can be made by an electronic transfer (BACS payment via online or telephone banking) or by using our online payment system. We will provide details for both options at the time of booking your first session.

Health Insurance

AXABupaCignaAvivaPru HealthWPA

It may be possible to use your private health insurance to cover the cost or part of the cost of your appointments. Each healthcare provider (Bupa, Axa, Aviva, Cigna etc) have slightly different policies but most of them are happy for you to approach us directly in the first instance.

Axa require a referral from a Psychiatrist in order to access your policy and we are happy to help arrange this with you.

Bupa require a referral from your GP in order to access your policy. GP’s are often happy to provide a referral following a phone consultation instead of a traditional face to face appointment in the surgery as it is more time efficient.

With the above a quick call to your healthcare provider should allow them clarify these details.

It is worth noting that not all policies will cover the full cost of your treatment and that not all Psychologists are registered with all the healthcare providers. We will advise you of the availability of healthcare appointments, and any cost implications in your initial enquiry.

Some healthcare providers have fees which are different to our self funding rates detailed above. If these are less than our own rate we have to ask that the shortfall is made up by the patient. Please just remember to tell us who your provider is as soon as possible to avoid any confusion when booking.

Most national and international Private Healthcare companies are accepted – These include Bupa, Axa, Cigna, Pru Health, Aviva, Simply Health, WPA and more…