Dr Tessa Hinshaw - Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tessa Hinshaw

Dr Tessa Hinshaw

DClinPsych, BSc(Hons)

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Available for appointments at our East Dulwich and Great Missenden clinics.


We all have great potential and capability; however there are inherent challenges and struggles to being human. Each of us face difficulties in our lives, perhaps at times of stress or a relationship break-down, if we experience a traumatic event, or perhaps for no clear reason that we can identify.
Psychological and emotional problems are disruptive and distressing; however, I believe they can provide a valuable opportunity for learning and growth. In opening up to our difficulties, we can improve our understanding of ourselves and take action to enhance our experience of life.


I work with individuals, couples and families of any age, using predominantly a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. Whilst this model is well-evidenced for a range of difficulties, I also integrate other approaches that I feel will be most helpful for my clients.
I aim to work alongside my clients to provide a safe space to explore and understand their experiences. Once we have explored the thoughts, feeling and behaviours that are shaping a person’s present experience, we can work together to notice any learned patterns that are no longer helpful, creating choice and the opportunity for change.
Our mind dictates our experience and often at the heart of psychological distress or suffering is a negative perception of ourselves, or a tendency to underestimate our ability to cope. I help clients to re-evaluate, build upon and practice new ways of coping with difficult inner experiences, and to learn to be kind to themselves in the face of life’s challenges.


I am endlessly curious about the experience of being human. I am always learning about myself and feel privileged to witness positive change in people’s lives.

About Me

I am an open, non-judgemental person who is passionate about people and life. I enjoy being outdoors, going on long walks and exploring London. I love to sing, practice Yoga, snowboard and travel the world.

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The British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist
HCPC Registered

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